Success Stories

ROI Dataworks has benefited numerous companies in a variety of industries. 
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Executive Education

Designed and implemented a business to business marketing program using an integrated direct marketing strategy. Analysis provided valuable insight to the list strategy (postal and email) for profitable acquisition campaigns. Provided data analysis and strategy to increase enrollments and revenue for a top ranked business university. Utilizing web technology, created email campaign strategies for retention efforts and pURL integrated direct marketing for acquisition. Both strategies increased revenue and return on investment for several top tier universities. See Case Studies

Leadership Training Education

Analyzed leadership program for a top university, provided strategy and tools for the internal marketing team to utilize and track results. Provided new technology resources and direction for the internal marketing department to successfully move into the online space. Conducted a database vendor search to match the needs and budget of the university needs.

Foreign Adventure Tour Operator

Redeveloped website, SEO strategy, built the online reservation tool with top vendor, created marketing database, developed travel trade show schedule, located a relevant PR firm and trade associations for operator membership. Increased sales by over $1M in less than 12 months.

Travel Aggregator

Acquisition strategy using SEO only was creating pressure on the PPC (pay per click) and marketing spend. Understanding retention is needed to balance acquisition, analyzed customer database by creating demographic and transaction profiles to develop segments. Using retention segments, tested marketing channels, offers and touches to create the ROI required to fund acquisition.   Utilized ideas from acquisition to target SEO efforts.

Travel Companies

Analyzed customer databases for a major airline and top amusement park profiling demographics, psychographics and transactions to create customer segments for target marketing programs.

Major Cruise Line

Directed direct marketing efforts for a major cruise line with multiple products and locations. These efforts included managing and developing revenue management and forecasting, integrated marketing database and direct marketing programs. The direct marketing programs included the FIT and group market segments with analysis and strategy focused on direct mail, loyalty programs, sales force, agency co-op, and email. Analysis beyond direct included geography penetration to focus newspaper, radio and DR-TV into SCF’s and zips based on ROI and acquisition profiles. One of the niche lines failed to meet revenue goals during the high travel season. While occupancy ran at 100%, the cabin yield fell. Detailed customer analysis including booking curve trends unveiled the most lucrative market segment made vacation decisions much further out than the typical FIT traveler. A direct marketing campaign targeting this group produced a 25% increase in net revenue during the same period the following year. See Case Studies

Major Resort Hotel

A resort hotel chain struggled to hit revenue goals. The reason was unclear to marketing leadership with no change in marketing tactics, competition, pricing, etc. Through historical analysis and breaking out the marketing segments into group, loyalty, FIT, it became clear. While the marketing tactics driving traffic 6 months out were successful, the group blocks and contracts were not in place to fill the properties to the expected capacity. Detailed revenue forecasting analyzed properties with a much longer time horizon, to help the direct marketing department plan promotions and quantities based on the actual shortfall and not depend on “sales” to set the numbers.

Casino Resort Hotel

Conducted research and analysis to develop property's optimum market mix strategy. Built and launched yield management system working with IT and Inventory Departments. Consulted with sales and marketing personnel to create promotional strategies to meet targeted goals. Designed and produced monthly and annual revenue forecasts by market segment. Provided comprehensive financial information support to 15 hotel operations departments for development of strategic plans.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Created an analysis-based retention and acquisition strategy for high-end chain using segmentation and offers to drive behavior. Strategic list selection for acquisition program drove ROI to a record level, increasing new membership into the loyalty program. Utilizing RFM and migration models together with demographic profiles created a marketing strategy which increased retention rates while decreasing attrition, thus stabilizing program membership.


A community bank needed to grow new deposit dollars using direct marketing. While they had a database with profitability, the internal group was not confident in the measurement or how to use the system. Through analysis of the demographic, psychographic and transaction data (number of products, seasonality, product trends, NFS), a growth strategy was developed based on ROI. The program was built around a retention strategy (adding products) to fund the acquisition of new customers.

Bank Openings

Developed a strategic marketing plan to roll out new banks with mapping, demographic profiles, drive-times, etc. Successfully launched campaigns using direct mail, promotions, radio, and events to reach the bank goals and achieve the expected marketing ROI.

Bank Products

Analyzed bank customer data to determine the product movement trends within each population set (checking account ® savings account ® ATM). Once the trends were established, segments were built based on the demographic profiles (age, income). From the data and story describing the segments, a campaign strategy was used to target each unique segment.


Many non-profits believe that they cannot afford to “prospect” for new donors. Acquisition is costly, but if analysis of current donors is conducted and a targeted strategy developed, companies lower their risk of spend using ROI benchmarks. Analysis of the current donor based showed a strong retention of both B-to-B donors and B-to-C donors. By creating a strategic plan with ROI benchmarks and lifetime value figures to back up the marketing spend, a successful marketing campaign generated 25% increase in funds. Part of the dollars were then focused on acquisition using the demographic and transaction profiles of both segments with several lists returning conversion rates over 10%. See Case Studies

Package Goods

Implemented market test strategies based on market segmentation, penetration, and competitive analysis to increase direct and retail sales for household products. Results enabled the company to continue to stay in the top revenue growth category in the U.S.


Analyzed top international technology security company databases, defining markets and creating trends, strategies for growth. Conducted full database build and install, including market reporting for senior management.

Technology Service Provider

Implemented demand generation program for a direct sales force that requires coordination with call center, data management, marketing and sales teams.

Utility Company

Provided segmentation and penetration analysis that enabled the incumbent player to gain retail prominence in a highly competitive regional market.

Office Products Company

Provide “hands on” marketing and sales support and recommendations based on newly launched database system with primary responsibility for the design and execution for all queries and analysis


The list of clients that we have helped spans vertical industries from Fortune 100 to small niche markets and includes.

Financial Companies:

  • Bank of America
  • Liberty Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank

Travel and Entertainment:

  • Hyatt Resort Hotels
  • Lettuce Entertain You
  • McCormick & Schmick's
  • TravelWorm
  • American Airlines
  • Choice Hotels International

Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Catholic Charities
  • AIDS Foundation
  • American Cancer Society
  • The Humane Society

Industry Clients:

  • Dell
  • Kraft
  • Northwestern University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Florida
  • GBC
  • Land's End
  • Equity Lifestyle Properties
  • American Commercial Lines
  • RSA Security