How It Works

Patent pending technology utilizing customer, transaction, and competitive data sets to automate the process of turning analysis into strategy, producing unbiased marketing strategy focused on acquisitionretention and penetration.  The results allow you to decide the best tactics that fit your company brand and budget.

The ROI Links product does not replace your current legacy systems, or act as a real-time reporting system, but is an on-going strategic tool to guide marketing efforts providing strategy measured by metrics.  With quarterly updates, this tool acts as the marketing historian, allowing marketers to answer managements questions with solid facts while focusing on the next tactic to increase sales.

ROI Links converts your data into actionable strategies for acquisition, retention and penetration.


ROI Links can import nearly any type of customer or business data that you have – from a variety of sources.

By linking together this disparate data, you will see a clearer picture of your customers and opportunities.

The ROI Links team will even help you identify, extract and aggregate data from your current and legacy systems to create a database.


ROI Links analyzes your database to identify under-served customer segments and hidden market opportunities.

We have even been successful in identifying missing data that, when added, improved the strategy.


From your data, specific strategies for acquisition, retention and penetration are created and presented in clear, concise language – including key metrics that you can monitor over time to evaluate the effects of your marketing tactics.


ROI Links suggests tactical responses that your team may consider to improve key performance metrics.


Your team designs and creates marketing programs from the strategies and suggested tactical responses.


Feedback from your marketing efforts are fed back into ROI Links to inform future strategies and tactics.