About Us

Our group has over 50 years of experience analyzing data to tell the ROI sales & marketing stories.

About ROI Dataworks

We are business people with a keen understanding of how businesses spend money to make money. We have over 50 years of combined experience, reviewing financials, P&L’s, budgets, forecasts, metrics, sales pipeline – and all things data – to create actionable, measurable strategies.

This experience has shown us, over and over again, that:
  1. Anything that can be measured can be improved.
  2. Numbers are not just numbers, they tell a story about your customers and your company performance.
  3. Most companies are not effectively using the data they already have.

About ROI Links

Patent pending technology utilizing customer, transaction, and competitive data sets to automate the process of turning analysis into strategy, producing unbiased marketing strategy focused on acquisitionretention and penetration.  The results allow you to decide the best tactics that fit your company brand and budget.

Kathy Dalsaso

Kathy Dalsaso

Kathy Dalsaso Phone: 303-903-8893 kdalsaso@roidataworks.com Experience Prior to starting ROI Dataworks, Kathy worked as Vice President Marketing Strategy and Analysis for a direct marketing agency in Chicago IL, helping clients to utilize integrated...
John Mitchler

John Mitchler

John Mitchler Phone: 303-903-8893 john@roidataworks.com John is a geologist with an MBA. When not climbing peaks or traveling the world, he is analyzing data. His career started in coal mines and oil and gas fields, with the past 20 years centered...