John Mitchler

Phone: 303-903-8893

John is a geologist with an MBA. When not climbing peaks or traveling the world, he is analyzing data. His career started in coal mines and oil and gas fields, with the past 20 years centered on data where he specializes in cost analysis. Whether he is training project management, project controls, he is forever focused on the contract. Scope, Schedule and Budget.


John has extensive experience in the coordination and successful management of geological and hazardous waste projects. His experience includes more than a decade of administrative management as program controller for major contracts at Superfund sites and for a major regional Total Environmental Restoration Contract (TERC). John is responsible for compiling key administrative project information required for strategic decision-making, preparation and analysis of financial and schedule variances, quality control (QC) of project administrative procedures and deliverables, and preparation of cost and schedule status reports (CSSRs). He also prepares revenue forecasts and labor resource plans and is assigned to corporate initiatives concerning development and training for project accounting systems. John has extensive field experience and has provided analysis, implementation, and recommendations to clients after the completion of research and the collection of background data.


MBA, Project Management, University of Illinois, 1987

BS, Geology, University of Illinois, 1978


Author Climbing Colorado Summitts

Author : Quarterly Hiking Magazine "Apex to Zenith"